JustKnock is a real estate platform from USA, currently serving two user types: Consumers who are interested to rent or buy a property, and Agents who are selling properties on their clients’ behalf.

It offers both generic features like browsing and interacting with properties, but also features which are available only for one user type or the other. It also allows the two user types interact inside the platform.

One Agent-only feature is the ‘Import from Google’ functionality which allow Agents to import the contacts from their Google account.

Name, email address, address, phone number, avatar and notes of contacts are imported.

Beside contacts’ data, no other information is saved from the Agent’s Google account.

Imported data is used to create contacts in Agent’s Contacts list, allowing him to send messages to each contact, inside the JustKnock platform. Contacts imported will also receive an invitation to register on JustKnock, allowing them to exchange messages with the Agent who initially imported them.